Tips For Choosing The Right Couriers Melbourne

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There is no denying the fact that courier service can have a significant effect on the productivity and efficiency of any business. Whether it’s a small business or an established business, reliable courier services are needed to get the things delivered on time, every time. Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to the factors that differentiate professional courier services from others. Here’s a list of some of the important factors that you should consider while choosing high-quality couriers Melbourne.


Needless to say, you want to ensure that the courier service is always available for picking up packages at various times. The packages are not going to get delivered on schedule if the courier service fails to pick it up on time. Therefore, you have to ensure that the courier service you’re going to hire is known to be always available for regularly scheduled packages as well as for emergency deliveries.

Limitations on Weight and Size

Almost all the couriers Melbourne services have some kind of limitations on size and weight of packages that they are willing to carry. In some cases, they can outright refuse to carry a package if it weighs more than the specified limits mentioned in the contract. In some cases, they may agree to carry packages that weigh more than the agreed limit but they may charge a huge fee for overweight or bigger sized packages. Therefore, you should find out about the limitations a courier company might have regarding the weight and size of the packages they are willing to deliver, and whether these limitations fit within your business plans.

Delivery Proof

A reliable courier service will always provide proof of delivery through some means including email, phone, fax or company website or a printed receipt. Proof of delivery is essential to ensure that the packages are getting delivered as they are supposed to and the courier service is not doing any funny business. All reliable courier companies understand the importance of proof of delivery and make sure that their clients are given delivery proof, as and when needed. Therefore, make sure the courier company you are going to work with provides delivery proof.

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As far as the price is concerned, one of the biggest mistakes made by businesses when choosing couriers Melbourne is that they tend to choose the courier service that offers the lowest price without considering the value provided by other companies even if they are slightly higher priced. You need to take into account the value offered by the company in terms of reliability, proof of delivery and other features instead of comparing only final cost. While comparing the costs quoted by different courier companies, make sure to compare their cost to value for an apples to apples comparison.


In some cases, insurance might be required, especially if you’re delivering confidential information or some highly valuable goods. Most courier companies offer some kind of insurance. So, make sure the company offers insurance for delivering valuable or sensitive goods.

Specialized service

The choice of the courier service will also depend on the kind of goods you need to move. For instance, if goods require temperature-controlled transportation, the courier service needs to have refrigerated transportation. Some companies specialize in particular kind of delivery such as medical equipment and other such things. So, make sure the company you are going to work with has the necessary infrastructure to make specialized deliveries if needed.


One of the most important parameters you need to look at while choosing couriers Melbourne is their track record and reputation. While most companies post their on-time delivery percentage on their website, it is important that you take those numbers with a pinch of salt unless these are verified by a reliable third party. You should also search online for reviews and ratings given by different clients to ensure that the company has a good reputation and is offering satisfactory services to various clients.


Courier service plays a very important role for small businesses as goods need to be delivered on time to keep customers happy. If the deliveries are late or do not happen at all, it is your business that’s going to suffer. So, keep the above-mentioned tips in mind in order to choose the right courier service in Melbourne.