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Starting a new business and need help creating the best packaging solution to bring your product overall success in the marketplace? You’ve come to the right place!

It’s crucial to understand that most people judge a product by its packaging. Packaging creates an important first impression with consumers that will essentially determine how well a brand and its products are established in the marketplace.  That’s why developing packaging for the very first product of a new business start-up can be especially difficult

Start-ups are confronted with an array of obstacles to consider before launching their products into the market. Budget, time and promotional value are just some of these significant factors that need thorough deliberation.  This is coupled with the need to design a package that can satisfy all the above requirements whilst giving your brand an exclusive image that will captivate the target audience and increase shares in the market.

Below are some of the most important tips for new business start-ups on how to achieve the best packaging solution for your products:


A successful packaging design is meant to appeal to the interests, needs and requirements of a specific group of consumers. Choosing to pursue a certain demographic of consumers rather than a broad audience will mean that you have a focus point in your selling strategies.

Make sure that your packaging strikes a chord with your target market and has the right features to attract. Establishing selling strategies for an intended audience is vital for maximising your time and resources so you give more to building a brand that is effective and successful.


Design with shelf appeal in mind.  Packaging should effectively entice your target audience towards your brand in the aisle.  It should be interactive and elicit forms of emotional response –warmth, happiness and curiosity.

Think about who you are designing for? What are their interests? How will you maximise your product’s shelf appeal? You want your packaging design to be memorable and set out from the rest. Look at your competitors and what type of packaging material, colours and designs they are using. If they are using opaque materials, try going for transparent instead.

Packaging must also communicate the identity of your brand and the quality of your product quickly and clearly. Be simple with text and resourceful with visuals that are capable of delivering the messages you intend to send out within a few seconds. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Making your product packaging standout is extremely possible for start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses that have a limited budget. In fact, developing the right packaging design can be one of the most cost-effective selling strategies that will captivate target market. Your packaging can still be compelling when you are efficient in the use of material and simplistic in design. To reduce costs you can also place orders in bulk to spend less on more packages and which in turn will also reduce travel expenditures.

Also, choose a Packaging Company Australia that has an online store over companies that have physical stores. This is because they are cheaper to work with and can provide better packaging options.


Considering where your product will be sold is essential in determining the kind of marketing strategies your packaging design requires. Will your products be sold online or do you want them to be stocked on the shelves of local stores? The answer to these will affect how you will need to design your packaging. If it is going to be shipped it doesn’t need to be a visually appealing as if it were to be stocked on shelves. But it would mean considering extra safety precaution to be incorporated into the design.


For start-ups managing your inventory is extremely important as it directly relates to sales.  When having a good inventory management system, you can keep up to date on what you have in stock and what is selling fast.

This can help you expand on products that are doing well in the market and improve those that are not. It can also help you utilise your storage space efficiently and give you more control in preventing product shortages and also unnecessary overstock.  This will no doubt help you save money.


Bulk ordering can indeed be a very effective way to save money, however, there are risks that business owners should know. Ordering in excessively large quantities can be risky especially if you do not sample your end product first.

Sampling your end product is necessary to test out how your packaging design actually looks like in real life. It can also provide a chance to test out how well your packaging design will potentially perform in the market. If you do not test out your product packaging for mistakes or for its potential market performance beforehand, you can end up being stuck with a mass amount of redundant product packaging and a loss money that you can’ get back.  That’s why it is highly recommended choosing to short-run your packaging as a safer option instead which will help mitigate such inherent risks.

Looking for a service that can assist you in the design of your product packaging? For over 25 years Brisbane based Star Stuff Group has been specialising in a comprehensive range
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We understand that the design of a package is the main element that forges a bond between your product and intended consumers. Therefore any successful marketing strategy must take into account the impact that a well-thought-out package design has on its success in the market.

Choosing the right packaging solution is fundamental for your branding. At the Star Stuff Group, we can provide you with the perfect packaging solution for your food and a variety of other products too.  Not only can we help you enhance your brand promotion in store, but we can help increase your product’s growth and success!
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