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Do You Need an Emergency Dentist?, Usual Dental Emergency Situations

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How do you know when it is time for a dental emergency? A dental emergency can occur any day. It can be anything from a swollen jaw to a severe toothache. It is important to know what kind of situation requires immediate attention. Irrespective of the situation, dental issues are very painful and affect your daily life drastically.


For instant relief, it is crucial to know an emergency dentist Sydney, who specialises in immediate dental treatments.


Signs You Need to Visit an Emergency Dentist Sydney


#1 Is your tooth killing you?


Bitter toothaches can compel you to choose death over the shooting pain! It’s an exaggeration, I know.  The basic and most common indication of an emergency is unavoidable suffering. If you are going through increasing toothache regularly, it is time to visit an emergency dentist Sydney.


#2 Does your jaw looks bigger than your face?


Do you feel like you got a chin implantation recently? A swollen jaw could be an indication of an infected zit, a tooth infection, a lymph node swelling, or even a possible symptom of cancer. If you are in extreme pain and you see severe swelling on your jawline, you must visit an emergency dentist Sydney immediately.


#3 Does your tongue tastes metallic?


If you do not include pennies or metals in your regular diet, the metallic taste in your mouth could be a serious dental issue! If you have an old metallic filling, it is quite possible that they have become loose or broken. Before these cracked filings create a bigger problem, it is important to get it fixed by an emergency dentist Sydney.


#4 Do you feel tired unnecessarily?


Patients suffering from severe dental issues often feel extreme uneasiness and exhausted all the time. Oral health is a great factor in your energy built. If you are feeling too tired on a daily basis, do not forget to go for a dental checkup.


#5 Are you suffering from fever?


Having fever is a sign of infection. If a severe toothache accompanies your fever, possibly it is gum disease or tooth abscess that is causing fever. A chronic headache and mild fever are a sign that you need to visit an emergency dentist Sydney.


Usual Dental Emergency Situations


Cracked Tooth


If you have ever tried opening a hard bottle cap with your tooth, you know how painful a cracked tooth could be. These hard objects can chip your tooth and develop severe pain. If you have a developing cavity or a carving tooth, it can result in tooth fragmentation. A chipped tooth over time can affect the pulp, which can eventually affect your health.


Missing Tooth


Any accident that involves hard hitting your head or face can break your tooth. This can cause a lot of bleeding and requires immediate treatment. An emergency dentist is the best person to contact in such a situation, as a general dentist may not be available all the time.


Why should you go to an emergency dentist Sydney?


The first thing your emergency dentist will do is relieve you from the pain. An emergency dentist will check the condition of affected tooth and administer a stop-gap procedure. Their elementary treatment is inflexible in protecting any further possibilities of a threat to dental and overall well-being.


Emergency dentists specialize in follow-up treatments depending on the complexity of the issue. In some cases like fractured jaw or teeth, the patient may require going under oral surgery.


Cost Effective NO-GAP Services


Dental services like cosmetic or emergency can be very costly. Before selecting an emergency, the dentist makes sure they offer NO-GAP checkups. In the NO-GAP policy, you will not have to pay any out-of-pocket cost for undeniable emergency treatments.

NO-GAP treatment includes everything from root canal to tooth extraction and dental implants to oral surgeries. Considering an emergency dentist who offers NO-GAP treatments assures you safety in emergency situations.