Five Reasons You Should Float In A Sensory Deprivation Chamber

Floatation Tank

Sure there is most certainly a beauty to be found in our everyday lie, however, every now and then I do like to take a step outside of my routine, as well as my comfort zone. I guess that is why I have found myself frozen with fear on hot air balloon rides, taken on the feat of being a solo traveller and even headed to an ice hotel in Oslo for a New year’s experience. It’s also likely why I agreed to put myself in a dark room and float around in a shallow pool of water loaded with Epsom salts, otherwise known as a sensory deprivation chamber.


The experience at Lift/Next Foat Levels in Brooklyn lasts for 60 to 90 minutes and could certainly be described as a slightly spooky way to get a little peace in our new age. When it comes to body benefits, they are numerous – Epson salts contain a high level of magnesium which can ease muscle, joint, and lower back pain, as well as improve circulation and lower blood pressure. There are plenty of benefits for the mind too. Jenny Sansouci, Health Coach for Be Well and a regular user of a sensory deprivation chamber mentioned that to her the best benefits were a complete relaxation of the body, mind and nervous system, as well as improved creativity, problem-solving and a good way to get over jetlag.


So I headed over to Lift and was taken to a spacious room with a tank and told to take a shower before entering. I then made my entrance into the chamber which kind of resembles a large egg (around the size of a college dorm bed, you can move around easily but you couldn’t fit two people in) and then my experience began. Here are the five reasons why you should also be floating in a sensory deprivation chamber.


  1. It Will Feel Old And New All At The Same Time

Not one of us has any recollection of what it felt like to be in the womb, but floating around in the warm water of the tank in silence (you can opt for the calming music if you like) is, in my opinion, as close as it gets. In addition to feeling very soothed, I also felt like one of that pre-cogs from Minority report, now I’ve never been able to say that before. If you suffer from claustrophobia you don’t need to worry, you can have the lid open a little.


  1. It Gives A Much Needed Break From The Screens

Engaging in any activity for two hours without any contact with social media seemed like a realistic prospect (after all, I do sleep), yet at the start of the session, I realized I was doing a minute countdown in my mind. Once I got more and more into the relaxation side of things, time became something irrelevant and I started to deal with the events of the last year and direct a positive spirit to what was to come this year – it was a detox both mentally and emotionally.

It seemed like no time had passed before a gentle voice was telling me that my sessions had finished. It’s advised to continue this ‘having a break’ from real-world contact even after your sessions is over; curling up on a comfy couch with a warm drink lets you slowly ease yourself into reality again.


  1. Pain Relief In Surprising Areas

After just a few minutes of floating around the areas where I always feel tension started to tighten up. However, at the end of the sessions that feeling had nearly disappeared, and as for the next day – wow.

  1. A Great TLC Treatment For Your Skin

At 98.6F, you are going to get yourself a good sweat, in fact, at times I had to open the lid for a moment. The salt is wonderful for your skin and hair. Like me, you will feel like you have been all polished up after the session (and I have pretty sensitive skin). You should have a drink and a light snack before you go in and expect to feel like you would after a workout afterwards – hungry and thirsty.

  1. Your Sleep Will Be Amazing

If they had let me, I would have fallen asleep instantly on the floor o the spa, instead, I hit my bed and slept almost two hours longer than usual (I’m usually up with the larks) and the next day I felt full of rejuvenation and refreshment.