Places of Interest

Staying in Fareham and traveling around the area is an enjoyable thing to do. However, the problem is lots of people usually encounter the trouble in getting to enjoy the local sites, because they have never heard them before. That is why it is crucial that tourists must do comprehensive research about the local points of interest to see in Fareham prior to traveling there.

Titchfield Nature Preserve

Titchfield Nature Preserve is one of the first things that tourists must witness. Once you get there, you can walk around the surrounding area and enjoy the relaxing nature. Once you the get the chance to see this exquisiteness, you will absolutely have a great time because you can finally see some of the natural beauty of England.

Titchfield Abbey

Titchfield Abbey is the next major attraction that people must visit when they are in Fareham. Once you see this abbey, you will be able to enjoy its amazing architecture and also its smallness. With these two features combined, it would be easy for people to enjoy the abbey and be able to spend a day to tour it, instead of spending a week.

Westbury Manor Museum

Westbury Manor Museum is another spot that people must get to know in the Fareham area. When you see this historical museum, you will start to enjoy the area’s colourful history, and it will heighten your curiosity to know more about what has happened in the past. It is certain that you will have a great time learning their olden times.

Traveling to Fareham may seem a little odd since London is just down the road. However, what people need to realize is that there are tons of pleasurable things to do and picture-perfect views to see when they are looking at staying in Fareham. Fareham is a small town, but it has bunch to offer to every tourist.


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