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Concrete Cutting Blades And Drill Bits

At the core of our concrete sawing business is advanced concrete saw blades and bits that we use. Everything we do revolves around getting it right with regards choosing the right blade or bit for every job. Choose the correct blade or bit for the job and process of cutting a concrete workpiece becomes and fast, efficient, and cost-effective project. Make the wrong decision with regards to choosing a blade or bit and you can rest assured that the whole project will be slow, inefficient, and very costly.

As important as the task of choosing a blade or bit is, it is equally complex. In fact, it is a science and an art. Drill bits and blades are manufactured using a steel core with laser added layers of cobalt, diamonds, and other hard materials. The fewer layers a blade or bit has, the faster it will be with regards cutting as it has far less resistance and friction.

The vice versa is true, where more layer makes increases the cutting times significantly. You should also note that the number of layers in a bit of blade will affect its longevity. As such, deciding on the perfect balance of speed, blade durability, and cutting times is never easy.

Additionally, bit and blades come in different sizes. For instance, blades come in different sizes ranging from as small as 4” to as large as 84”. The availability of different bits and blades further convolutes the process of making a choice. As such, in order to get it right when choosing a blade or bit, you need to lean on your experience, expertise, and professional knowledge.

Concrete Hand Sawing Technology

Aside from the cutting blades and drilling bits, we also rely on concrete hand sawing technology. This is the machine that spins the blade through the cutting process. The hand sawing machine is able to cut up to 150 mm thick concrete. Although there are numerous concrete hand sawing machines on the market, we make use of the most advanced hand sawing machines on the market.

This machine is capable of cutting concrete in tight quarters or areas inaccessible to road saws. However, in the event that the area where the workpiece is located in has poor ventilation, we use a hydraulic saw. This is a saw that operates using hydraulic power for cutting. The technology/method allows us to safely operate in enclosed quarters as there is no release of petroleum fumes.

Road Cutting Machine

Road cutting machine is used in sawing concrete and asphalt on a flat surface and some suspended concrete slabs. The technology/machine is designed to be powerful enough to cut a large concrete surface with ease. It is, therefore, the primary technology used in the large project both indoor and outdoor. In quarters where petroleum fumes will become a hazard, we operate a smokeless electrically powered concrete cutting machine. However, due to its size, the cutter cannot work in tight space quarters.

Wire Sawing Technology

Wire sawing technology is the latest technology in the concrete cutting realm. The innovative technology uses diamond wires to cut through concrete workpieces. The technology is renowned for being reliable, versatility, efficient, and fast when it comes to concrete cutting.

For starters, the cutter tends to be more powerful. This allows our technicians to cut complete any project in a considerably shorter time frame than other concrete cutters. Additionally, the enormous power that the cutter has allows our technicians to cut through thick concrete layers. As such, the technology can be used to cut large concrete pillars such as those used in bridges.

On the versatility front, wire cutters can and are used in tight spaces. Therefore, whether as a client you are interested in indoor or outdoor concrete cutting, wire cutting technology suffices to meet your needs.

Core Drilling

Concrete Coring

Finally, we make use of core drilling technology. This technology allows us to drill and remove cylindrical concrete pieces ranging from 16mm to as large as 1m. Alternatively, we can drill holes without the need for removing a concrete cylinder. As such, with this service, we are able to drill holes for sample taking, plumbing, electrical wiring works and much more.