The Benefits of travelling in groups

Afraid of Travelling Alone? Know the Surprising Benefits of Travelling in Groups!

Travelling gives you a chance to explore the beauty of nature, discover other cultures, attend events and learn more about the world. Those who have had the experience the pleasure of being in foreign lands can tell the story better.

It’s an adventure beyond the day to day activities that make your life predictable and boring. Maybe you are one of them or perhaps you have been thinking about it. But if you are planning fly overseas, the question of; “are you traveling alone or with a group?” often arises.

While both have their benefits, you might want to try a group tour. Some introverts think this won’t work for them until they try, only to realize that with numbers come even more fun than one experiences when adventuring solo.

Some of those who have traveled in a group don’t even notice some of these benefits they enjoy. But when they try touring places on their own, they find things a little bit tougher than when they had a traveling company do everything for them.

Discover the many reasons why traveling in the company of others is a magnificent idea.


  • 1.) Assurance for the friends and family left behind


Parting ways can be heartrending. But once your mind is set to tour a place, the best you can offer friends and relatives is a pledge; that you’ll travel safe, explore and come back someday.

The idea of flying alone worries your siblings, but in numbers, they are as good as sure everything will be alright. And even if anything goes a mess, you have people to rely on.

Group travel is the remedy for young travelers whose parents won’t let them go past the border solo. It’s also ideal for first-timers who are still scared of traveling the huge wide world alone.

Lastly, people at home are sure that with the tour company’s contact they can always keep in touch with you. And on top, they have someone responsible for your safety overseas.


  • 2.) All is taken care of; your job is to have fun!


Part of what makes people panic over going places is the hectic planning.

It’s both exciting and intimidating to think about traveling to a completely new, different and foreign destination. It becomes even worse if the locals don’t speak your language.

That’s why you need to let a Tour Director do all planning; from booking flights to hotels and even accommodation. A smart Tour Director will have your outings well scheduled ahead of time.

Another advantage of having a Tour Director is their speediness in solving hiccups that may arise along the way. They always know how to get things back on track.

When traveling solo, you do everything for yourself, and chances are, you will not always have the best possible solution for all problems.When out for the trip, you’ll have a guide to lead you. A friendly one will give facts on all the things you see on your way.

Lastly, if you are going to a place full of non-English speakers, you don’t have to worry about who is going to answer your never-ending queries.On a group tour, the guides will help you no matter how silly you get with the questions.


  • 3.) You get to make friends for life


group travel

Far land journeys give people adventures and reminiscences— there’s always something about every place that can never fade away from your memory. And when are traveling along a group of people, they become part of the remembrance.

Though all of them may not be dear to you, and others might be very obnoxious, you’ll meet folks who will become your best travel buddies.Those who enjoy pretty much everything you do and love your company as much as you love theirs.


  • 4.) It’s cost effective


Group rates are often reasonable. Just like buying in bulk comes with good offers, paying bills in numbers is relatively cheaper! Everyone in the group shares the cost.

Whether it is flight rates, transport, accommodation, foodstuff or museums fees, there is an obvious discount in numbers.

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Even better, some Tour Companies have corporate SIM Cards provided by OneSimCard that carter for a group of people. This means you can enjoy flat rate calling, texting and internet browsing at zero roaming charges.


  • 5.) Satisfaction guarantee


Thanks to the stiff competition, every travel company is working to offer their clients the best possible experience overseas.

travel friends

Most established travel and tour companies carry out detailed research to help put together a top-rated itinerary. It doesn’t matter if it takes weeks; they care more about an action-packed schedule for your fulfillment.

The best tour companies hire locals with extensive knowledge and vast history to offer tourists insider data. They also recommend the ideal restaurants and joints for you to visit.


  • 6.) There’s safety in numbers


You are safer in a group than you are solo.

Though no one wants to speculate any ill twist of fate, safety is still food for thought when traveling abroad. And also it’s wise to beware of possible dangers and be ready to act accordingly.

Touring in a group is like a pack of wolves walking around the world, with the guide as the Alpha. You stroll together and protect each another like the wolves would do. Although it’s true that traveling solo isn’t intrinsically dangerous, group traveling means total safety and protection.

What’s more, your tour guides always know where to go and where not to, this is also useful for a safe and sound trip.

As you can see, traveling in the company of others is a breathtaking adventure that not only gives you the confidence to face the world out there but also exposes you to a whole lot of benefits you can’t enjoy when touring solo.

On top of that, it’s a dependable way to assure your friends and family of your safety and stay in touch with them throughout your visit. And most importantly, much of the planning is done for you at a relatively affordable price, you sit back and enjoy!