Benefits Of A Caravan Mover

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Caravan movers or motorized movers have become extremely popular in Australia in the recent past. That is due to the many advantages offered by this equipment. In fact, a reliable caravan mover will make your life easier in so many ways. A caravan mover might be an essential equipment in case you plan to move heavy loads such as a caravan, boat, or trailer. Although you can certainly do without one of them, you will begin to feel the difference when you invest in a high-quality caravan mover. It will open the doors to a whole new level of caravanning convenience.

In fact, there are many tangible as well as intangible benefits of investing in a quality caravan mover on the market. Here are some of the many advantages of investing in a caravan mover.

A motorized mover or a caravan mover helps to electrically maneuver your caravan, boat, or trailer without the need for manually pulling or pushing or using a tow car to pull the heavy load. Motor movers come in various sizes and shapes. Most of them could be fixed to the chassis of the caravan, trailer or boat. It will engage with the caravan tires to propel it in any direction that you choose to. A motorized mover will facilitate your life in a way that no other equipment could do. That is why you should invest in a high-quality caravan mover on the market.

How Does A Caravan Mover Work?

A caravan mover is basically an electric motor that is connected to a roller. The roller will electrically engage with the caravan tire by pressing hard onto its tread. That way the roller will turn when the motor in it turns and drive the caravan wheel. In fact, the motor will propel the caravan, boat or trailer independently of a tow car. Since there is a roller on each wheel, you are able to turn the caravan by rotating one wheel faster than the other. There is a remote handset to control the caravan mover.

Why Do You Require A Caravan Mover?

A motor mover can be useful in so many different ways. In case you are on a tricky pitch, a motorized mover can help save you a lot of time, hassle, and embarrassment. A motor mover will extend the lifespan of a caravan. In fact, it will take the backache and elbow grease out of caravan maneuvering. On the other hand, the latest caravan movers are ideal to position the caravan hitch over your towball – which will avoid any damage to the bumper of the tow car. A motor mover is pretty simple to use. In fact, even a teenager can use such an equipment.

How Heavy Is A Caravan Mover?

A motor mover can eat into your payload. Hence, you should pay close attention to the weight of the equipment before you invest your hard earned money in a quality motor mover on the market. In fact, the lightweight single-axle mover will weigh around 24 Kgs while a twin-axle mover will weigh around 68 Kgs. You should invest in the right product depending on the allowable payload of your caravan.

Is A Caravan Mover Safe?

A quality caravan mover is safe since there are so many backup safety systems incorporated into it in order to prevent damage or injury. Most of the time, the equipment won’t work if you mistakenly put the remote in your pocket and sit down on it. That is why it is important that you invest in a high-quality caravan mover to avoid any safety concerns over time.

Ground Clearance Of The Mover

Since the caravan mover will be located below the chassis of the caravan, it can severely reduce the ground clearance of the caravan. In fact, speed bumps and curbs will become dangerous obstacles when there is a low ground clearance. That is why you should calculate the ground clearance of the equipment before you invest your hard earned money in such a product. The caravan industry recommends a 150mm ground clearance as the minimum. Hence, you shouldn’t buy a motor mover with a ground clearance of less than 150mm.

Does A Caravan Mover Require Regular Maintenance?

A motor mover requires a little maintenance. The technician will lubricate the mover on your annual caravan maintenance routine. You should make sure to grease the moving parts of the caravan mover before the caravan goes into long-term storage. Also, activate the mover from time to time in order to minimize the chances of it seizing up.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Motor Mover?

A quality caravan mover will last for more than a decade with the right type of maintenance. It is important that you invest in a high-quality caravan mover on the market.